Think, designer lessons; we craft learning experiences that support discovery, require questioning, invite creativity, and build skills.


Every teacher at NJ's House is designing lessons in collaboration with the whole team; each teacher here is a learner, a creative writer, a builder of solutions, a scientist, an artist. We want to teach in ways that make children aware of the richness and complexity of their immediate environment, and of the greater world around them; teaming with life, with challenges, fascinating phenomenon and systems, all waiting to be explored.

THE SCHOOL design by Zoha Khokar


design by Zoha Khokar

THE STUDIO design by Zoha Khokar


design by Zoha Khokar

The School

Explore our program, facilities, philosophy and mission. We have created a list of frequently asked questions, which may be useful for visitors who are new to how we teach at NJ's House

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The Studio

NJ's House is committed to improving education in Pakistan by designing (and sharing) better ways of doing school; learn more about podcasts, publishing, curriculum design, and related projects.

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